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Academy of Inner Light New Community on

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

A new Community has been established on since my YOUTUBE Channel has gotten two strikes from an unexpected source. Since a "Join" button cannot be activated on this Channel although I have 29.900 followers and 21,727 public watch hours I decided to take a Leap of Faith in case this Channel is terminated.

So what's new with this Community?

Academy of Inner Light is a community of people interested in overcoming social media censorship and control.

Here you will find discussions, news, and multimedia resources usually banned from contemporary social media along with my secret group ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT on Facebook.

Learn how you can build a resistance to the social engineers who manipulate your opinions and behaviors.

The more we stand together, the stronger we become.

Together, we can learn how to break their hold over us and chart our own course into the new frontier. Join us today!

Are you concerned with social media censorship and control?

With the use of sophisticated algorithms and human monitoring, the establishment is clamping down on what you see and share online.

Be part of the solution by joining the Academy of Inner Light on Locals.

Share files with other members through online groups and see what we are missing by censoring their content.

Help us overcome this problem.

If enough people realize they have value and don't have to put up with this, we can restore our freedom to access all viewpoints even if they are controversial.


If you love this article and Channel as well, a Donation will be highly appreciated!


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