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Mentoring and its importance in Self-Growth

Updated: Jan 11, 2023


First reports in individuals that played the role of mentor are specified in the care undertaking of Telemachus by Mentora, who substituted Odysseus in the role of adviser and friend for the time interval that he would be absent.

Reports on Mentoring

First reports in individuals that played the role of mentor are specified in the care undertaking of Telemachus by Mentora, who substituted Odysseus in the role of adviser and friend for the time interval that he would be absent.

Nowdays Mentoring is presented in a new, upgraded form, but actually retains all principles that render it beneficial and essential for the development and growth of two individuals.

Substantially, Mentoring constitutes a positive and profitable experience for mentor as well as for #Mentee.

According to Levinson, a #Mentor constitutes the Guide, the Model, the Symbol that leads and facilitates the objectives imposed by Mentee that are named "Dreams".


Changes in Marketplace and Mentoring

Indeed in the past few years, rapid developments and changes are being carried out in marketplace influencing enterprise's field.

The enterprises are compelled to be adapted in an evolutionary, competitive environment and in consequence the executives of enterprises, mainly those who wish to elevate themselves in high places, owe to show the proportional adaptability, so that they can declare active and effective attendance in productive "Being".

#Changes in enterprise's interior environment are related to adaptation to changes of enterprise's exterior environment, and are combined with the equal opportunities for working women of enterprises that participate in changes with an active way.

"Equal Occasions" do not constitute means for talents exploitation and executives qualifications for aiming high, but an essential, superior approach of strategy should be followed by each enterprise and personnel policy application that would manage the diversity of genders, the requirements of family and exploitation of personnel.

Saying a few words, the change management of enterprises means management of transition from an operational culture of profit to an operational culture of viability via quality.

A culture of quality in the enterprises means qualitative growth and upgrade on human resources, so that they produce effective administration in the new age.

A change of culture required should leave margins of action in the individual faculties and talents and not only for the men's population.

Each enterprise should, in a few words pay attention in two points: in the Mentoring and in "Equal Treatment".

Naturally when we refer to term, we mean the guarantee of equal terms and for two genders, as well as for individuals of different nationalities.

Mentoring plays important role in the construction and appointment of new Knowledge, Faculties and Talents of women, thus in the past few years in Europe and developed world mentoring systems are applied.


Be the change you wish to see in the world
~Mahatma Gandhi

Mentoring in Greece

Recently, in Greece, great changes have been recorded within Marketplace.

However Marketplace remains a difficult field for women comparing to men.

We should not forget that efforts women make in order to allocate more time and energy is a clearly personal choice, however this choice does not allow coming out in surface particular efforts a woman poses to survive and skyrocket in a clearly men possessed environment,e.g in leading positions, although she possesses proportional qualifications.

Most of the time the margins of Professional Development in the marketplace for women are limited, fact that is proved by the disability of women to ascend from a point and afterwards.

This point is named "glass roof" and it's the artificial border that blocks women to retain places of responsibility.

Of course, the truth is, that glass roof is not accountable for women's nailing, but it is the "Adhesive Flooring", which is the existing situation that nails the women in the Marketplace.

Mentoring constitutes an innovator answer for the continuous changes and the models of employment that are presented in the Marketplace.

It is the vital strategy on the professional development in the working place.

In Greece enterprises owe to adopt and promote this practice through policies of growth and support, for mentor as well as mentee.

The profits of mentoring are reported in all workers independently from gender, nationality, and place in the hierarchy and through aid that is given from mentors, women seek and they find their path that leads to success.

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"Mentoring and it's importance in Self-Growth" was written on 2006 by author Katerina Kostaki as a motivational attribution to Self - Growth and Professional Evolution.

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