7 Short fantasy stories and Cosmic Poetry of Cosmic Love and Light by visionary author, poet and healer Katerina Kostaki. "Your Cosmic Love endured as long as rain drops do within a whole Sahara. It was never enough to redeem a thirsty for Love soul. At the most inappropriate moment, your love declared her presence, and in the most inappropriate one was lost".

Cosmic Romances (Sympantika Idyllia) (Greek Edition) (Greek)

  • Katerina Kostaki is a Greek spiritual and visionary Author, Poet, Psychic, Mentor, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Broadcaster, Youtuber and Blogger.

    Born in Athens, Greece.

    *Founder of the Global Spiritual Network entitled ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT (katerinakostaki.wixsite.com/academyofinnerlight)

    *Member of the Club for UNESCO Art, Literature, and Science of Greece.

    Broadcaster on her Live Youtube Shows entitled DREAM STATES RELOADED (Greek language) on Spirituality, Angeltherapy, Spiritual Counselling, Esoterism, Metaphysics, Unexplained Phenomenon, Mysteries etc. on her Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/katerinakostaki1966.

    She has published 8 books, 5 Greek and 3 English published ones all available on Amazon:A fantasy novel "To taxidi tis zois fernei elpides/Life journey that carries hopes/Το ταξίδι της ζωής φέρνει ελπίδες", a poetry book "Sympantiko Fos/Συμπαντικό Φως" , "Sympantika Idyllia/Cosmic Romances", "Εσώτερες Φωνές/Inner Voices Within","Η Πριγκίπισσα της Πορφύρας/The Princess of Porphyra" as well as three English books : "Cosmic Light" the English version of Sympantiko Fos,"The Angels Planet" and "Inner Voices Within".


    Facebook : facebook.com/authorkaterinakostaki
    Youtube: youtube.com/user/katerinakostaki1966
    Instagram: instagram.com/katerina_kostaki_official

    Twitter: twitter.com/katerinakostaki
    e-mail: katerina.kostaki@gmail.com

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