A journey into Light for the ongoing spiritual battle of heroine Jasmine and a group of people who journeying on the boat of Faith, Hope and Supreme Ideals ascend into the Awakening and Enlightement.

An insighteful fictionary journey into the magicality of Greece, the interwoven Ancient Greek Mythology and the Power of Alternative Realities inspire and guide Humanity through the Paths of Intuition and Vision.

The Life Journey that carries hopes (Greek Edition) (Greek)

  • Heroes on this voyage along the ocean of hope alike contemporary "Argonauts" have prompted a timeless journey through the vast sea of faith and expectation.Follow their tracks, cherish the path and forget not that:"... spiritual journeys is always awesome even undertaken through unbeknown roads ..."

    ~Katerina Kostaki, founder of ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT


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Location: ATHENS, GREECE​​
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