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About the Author, Poet  and Healer Katerina Kostaki

Katerina Kostaki is a Greek spiritual  
and visionary author, Youtuber, speaker, freelancer, poetess, psychic, spiritual healer, 
Reiki Master, video creator  and amateur photographer. 
Born in 1966 in Athens, Greece. 



Passionate About Inspiring Others

What the author states is that her basic motive 
for starting writing of her books  
articles, newsletters and poems  
is her willing to assist each human embarking  
a   life journey through the unique realm of words  
and pictures, a mysterious journey 
through infinite timelines that allow fantasy prevail  
and provide people with precious values  
and models that strength in mind, soul and body. 


  • Graduation from  the Pedagogical Academy  of Athens (1986).

  • English speaking and writing.

  • Attendance of Seminars on Marketing, Management  Human Resources.

  • Awarded as Mentor.

  • Seminars on "The Alchemy of Transformation"

  • Reiki Mastery.

  • Crystal therapy.

  • Member of the Club for UNESCO Arts, Literature and Science Greece

  • Ex-Social worker in Hellenic Postal Headquarters


  • Aspiring, visionary author and poet.

  • Live Broadcaster on "Dream States Reloaded" Live Show (Facebook & Youtube)

  • Youtuber

  • Blogger

  • TikToker

  • Spiritual Healer

  • Mentor

  • Angel and Tarot Cards Reader

  • Self-publisher and book designer

  • Freelancer Article Writer
  • Reiki Master

  • Crystal therapist

  • Speaker on radio stations
  • E-Shop Owener
  • Video creator

  • Amateur photographer

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