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The Life Journey that carries Hopes:My spiritual journey begins

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

*Note from author Katerina Kostaki

It was October 2004 when I got the first insights and visions that empowered and inspired me to the point of starting writing my first fantasy novel.

This was a great motivation to begin a spiritual journey on paper and life as well.

My first fantasy novel was written on my mother tongue, Greek language.

The following excerpt is the very first one that's translated and published on net into English language.

The book was published on 2007 by a small Greek publishing house and re-published (self-published) on 2011.

The e-book editing, cover artwork and publication was designed by the author herself.

Today book appears on, and (PAPERBACK) entirely re-created and re-published in Greek language by author Katerina Kostaki on

Hopefully the novel has been created to transform into a great script for movie or tv series.

The journey began…

© Katerina Kostaki

Her mind journeys to imaginary seashore accomplished by golden sand, a deep blue sky hovering over her head, and a moon ... that was not the familiar moon everybody knew.

A full moon with golden yellow rings!

Located along the seashore a couple was playing casually and playfully, airy clothes waving as if touched by a gentle breeze.

A woman and a man both beloved and harmonious!

" Neleus - Neleus! "

The voice called again and again...

" Neleus - Neleus! "

A luminous apparition approaches.

She stretches her hand and gives her a bizarre, but beautiful shell.

She holds the shell in her hands and stars at it apparently enchanted.

A voice whispers sweetly – sweetly in her ear:

" Neleus – Neleus! "

She raised her head and felt becoming one with the blue sky, where golden pigeons were flitting lightly alike little fluffy clouds.

Her mind regresses as if a mental time machine into a swirling vortex returning to where she originated…

It was a dream...

She crawls within one big steep and narrow tunnel.

She proceeds with arms and legs, her knees click on gravels.

The place is claustrophobic and there is no escape anywhere, only in the depth of the tunnel a timid light shines.

She watches herself from above and finds that she’s not alone!

Behind her many women and men follow, a multitude of people unknown to her.

The anode is tedious and painful, but she insists on moving.

Finally she laboures up to the end of the tunnel where the light shines...

But the aperture is desperately too small, so small that only her hand might get through.


“What to do now, I must go, but how?”

From the outside another hand is digging the soil.

"Come pass out!" the voice of an unknown man urges.

"It's impossible, the passage is narrow!" She replies.

"You can make it, try!" The Guide says.

Suddenly, she feels being urged and her half body goes through this aperture till her waist.

From this state she feels being squeezed, unable to breathe, to inhale...

"You can make it, you can make it, you can make it ...", the voice of the unknown man insists.

She forces and pushes herself to go...

Curious pain!

More mental and less physical...

She pushes and then gets out as a baby coming to light!

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