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What is The Matrix about?

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The beggining is always the End and vice versa. #Matrix never ends but it restarts with new rules. People live in a software and have no idea of what they are going through, because Matrix is created to exist and operate beyond human perception. Only a few selected heroes escape to comprehend that this escape is only but a badge of adventures and constant conflict with agents, spies and various malevolent species. However Matrix is vulnerable from its birth; the Architect, the #Creator or Father of Matrix fails to take into consideration Love. Probably he misunderstands #Humans and their deeper feelings and has no interest to learn though. On the contrary the Mother of Matrix is willing to learn and suffer in any case to keep a balance between Humans and Machines.

Matrix is more than a single movie; It talks about the choices we all make. The blue or the red pill is only but a choice, an option.

If we want to succeed we should learn to support, fight, follow Knowledge, Love and eventually Sucrifice ourselves for Common Good. That is become a #Neo or a #Trinity.

But surely those were the only few selected in thousands of souls who chose to be sheepies. For them a 1000 years agreement reveals a beautiful shiny day upon the false sky, but it's unclear if they ever touch the "Truth" with their fingertips.


22 - 07 - 2018






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