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What does not kill you makes you stronger-A long life resolution

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The sub-category of this hub is entitled "Find your writer's voice" and it's a boosted title as well as a reinforcement for writers.

What if we have definitely found the writer's voice and made up our minds and our life essence?

In the days to come, we use more and more this gifted presence and our talents to avoid any negative emotions and vibrate on a higher level.

"Life is a supreme game".

At least, this talented stuff has provided us with a great motive and implemented a higher task:

Make this world a better place -if possible.

The phrase "What does not kill you makes you stronger" was attributed by Friedrich Nietzsche, from The Twilight of the Idols "Maxims and Arrows" sec. 8.

Beyond any philosophical masterpiece, our life story is written by our hands and thoughts.

A life resolution might be the greatest story .

Surely a short article/hub could merely be a short summary of what your own life story upon this Planet has been addressed.

What are the feelings arisen, when someone is testifying his own strength, faith and belief in a world of non-mercy, when you've been attacked, misunderstood and ridiculed by fellows who have low understanding?

Most of us have turned to be or molded into true, sensitive and heartfelt poets, because life has taught us that this is the way to heal ourselves and the World.

True believers of the Universal Laws and followers of our Inner Light, we changed our minds, our beliefs, our status by sacrificing old habits and patterns in order to get the Eternity .

To walk this Path to Eternity you should walk it alone and with bare foots.

That is why we are only a few believers among millions of souls who have not even thought they are soul carriers.

Listening to our hearts has modified my soul experiences into a Healing process.

I wonder how would life become a healing remedy for me and people with whom my roads are crossed.

Obviously, this hub is the outcome of a long life resolution that has not come to an end - yet.

I still learn and teach what I encircle in my soul memory.

If you want to be a Healer then live and experience.

And share your life experiences because they are all of Great Value.

We can really make this world a better place!

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary author-poet-healer

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