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Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness


Creativity : A fetus of Intuitive Love

Perhaps it sounds a bit cliche, but mostly the conception of an idea or a intense emotion looks like a pregnancy, a difficult and painful one.

Maya Angelou (poetess) mentioned:

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you".

It's like carrying a child from who - time to time - you'll be separating allowing him to become an acquisition of the entire world.

Essentially every creation is an implemented figure of an emotion (or many), and we (the creators ) allow this feeling being released from the maternal lap and shape.

The fetus of this emotion turns into a written text, a poem, an artwork, a masterpiece of any kind.

This creation belongs to the whole world, not only to the creators (us).
Cosmic Light (Book)-The Eden Magazine (

Spiritual mothership

Like so many other spiritual authors, I'm the spiritual mother of many individual spiritual children, and this is something that makes me feel great.

The feeling of sharing and offering is unique, and I would recommend that those who do not comprehend the importance of offering one's fellowmen, have undoubtly lost the opportunity to experience a unique and unforgettable experience of human existence.

We are at the threshold of a unique era, the beginning of a New Dawn, where Light timidly appears, as long as we allow Light emerge essentially from within.

As you understand, all those spiritual creators who spend hours on writing texts, poems stories, posting and uploading notifications and commenting on the internet, creating video, all are entirely associated with Light, Love, Spirituality, Values, Awakening, we are not fools nor dreamers, as many people believe.

Higher Purpose and Creativity

In addition, special and talented workers who convey messages to people, are mostly ran after and targeted, just because they believed in something Higher.

Nobody spends his life, sacrificing his time and entertainment just for fun.

Without these remarkable people, humanity would never have evolved, and would never have taken the consciousness leap, although taken in the unknown.

All of us, and we're frankly too many on this planet, we have faith in and linked to something Higher.

We allow what is called "God, Light, Angels, Forces of Light", trespass the gate of our heart with great risk in most cases.

Cosmic Awareness

It's a risk because our love and our faith is not always accepted by all people, because most people who live in fear and insecurities consider a full of values and dignity man/woman as a threat for their personal ambitions.

Be aware, however, that even if many people live and work in decay and inertia, many more out there work for the Higher Good, without asking for anything, and without even being advertised by the manipulated media.

Shortly, they live an underground life, as an option taken by them.

The greatest joy comes when we realize that people out there receive the message, become awakened and follow the path of Truth and Love.

I think the number of the awakened citizen keeps growing and increasingly more people acquire the Universal Consciousness and Re-connect with something magnificent and unique with; something with which humanity was cut off for centuries:

"Cosmic Consciousness."

Katerina Kostaki

Visionary and Spiritual Author

Copyrighted 2012





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