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Sea and the Cells of Gratitude @KaterinaKostaki

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Light and Inspiration from a Nereides Realm in the Cosmic Ocean of Conscious Love. 

Note from the Author of this Article

This article is complementary to the "Psyche, the Human Sea" BlogPost of this webpage.

However it is inspired by the magic of my beloved island that rests on the Saronic Gulf, in Greece.

The name of this island is Salamis and this is exactly whereas I got rejoice and restored my inner source of endless Inspiration.

Salamis Island, Saronic Gulf, Greece
Salamis Island, Saronic Gulf, Greece

Battles and Victories within Mind

The most appropriate time to sense the presence of Inspiration, to possess this inspiration flow is the one admin at the battle taken place within the two sides of our Self, the Conscious and Unconscious side.

We battle with demons, but aside we collect the coveted spoils of warfare.

Loot that's not necessarily needed to be lost, but treasure hidden beneath the pile of our personal losses.

This collection is the property of our spoils of inspiration that we - as Warriors of Light - earn in a hostile, corrupted and ungrateful world.

When not being in alliance with the darkness, then you battle and your winnings are only but this priceless collection.

Diving into the Supernatural

Now that I 've made my plunge in the dark and murky waters of metaphysics and the supernatural Styx, filled the pockets of knowledge with incredible stories, facts and mysteries, I could easily utter that the sea surface, the closest one by the seaside, is the best position, the best place to live upon the rest of my life.

The Sea is my great worship, beautiful as it is in every form, but this incomparable beauty of the tranquil surface and the clear bottom is unique.

Maybe that is because I adore walking on the smooth, sandy surface with bare feet on the edge of the wave, reaching the crystalline water of the sea, I consider these moments as the most beautiful.

The sense of security, confidence, warmth that nature offers, yes this Nature comes to unite us with the Creator is the strongest protection and shelter for us.

If there's something that keeps me alive, is this love for Nature and the visualization of this serene imaginary.

Inner Wisdom and Gratitude

Throughout all darkness, the only thing that sustains me and still maintains my life is Gratitude for life constantly expressed, for ultimately I really enjoy this life within the framework of a tight inner and external secure net, not daring (I wonder why…) to look back at the past and star at the future.

Apparently Truth that resides both in past and future are merely frightening and relentless ones, human mind can not stand.

I prefer my Divine Nature journeying into the quiet beaches of Dreamland, built - bit by bit - on my own, like my secret bubble, with the greatest truth of the Universe abide (a truth that many entities are desperately looking for…), which is nonetheless this one:

God's love dwells within me.


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Article written on 14/07/2011

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary and Spiritual Author-Poet-Healer

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