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New Adventures: Tarot Cards Readings

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Hello Teammates

This is a post that has already been on my YouTube Channel and Facebook Pages/Groups as well.

It started like many other projects of mine as an insight after a short time inner and outer conflict.

Like many other successful ideas of mine, it all started as a virtual problem or object in real life then a inner conflict, a family issue and finally...boom... I scratched my insightful mind and got this outcome!

I am willing to start readings with my spiritual and Angelic Tarot cards in the near future aside to posting videos with all mysteries/awakening topics on my YouTube Channel.

This is a workshop I've been doing for so long time with friends in an inner circle. I feel it's time to move on and assist more people around the Globe.

Probably I have to initiate a JOIN button on this Channel; Still looking how it works but YouTube Team Creators are offering a lot of help with their educational videos.

I would love to read your opinions and viewpoints.


By the way, I have started a new project on ClickaSnap where I upload my Photography.

Take a look at this motivational profile and my Greek Imagery.

In Digital Marketing Terminology ClickaSnap is a get viewed and paid Website so you can join it too !

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