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The Broken Mirror © Katerina Kostaki

Note from Author

The Broken Mirror alike Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale has penetrated eyes and men hearts.

Which are the consequences and how contemporary man could possibly heal themselves from such an given situation?

Article was written in the morning of 5th November 2015 a few days

before 13th November 2015 the day when attack in Paris took place.

This Article was primarily written in my mother tongue, Greek Language, and instantly translated by me in English.

I had a weird feeling while writing this inspired text that presumed something suspicious and obscure might be happening in the following days.

→ Video with English Subtitles
(Use Yellow font colour and 100 font size in settings)


0:00 While watching over conventional reality by the everyday News report

0:14 *Notification:I wrote this article on the 5th November 2015 morning…

0:19 I was essentially inspired to start writing about loneliness, boredom and abyss within which innumerable human existence and souls succumb

0:25 I myself completely affected by negativity and misfortune

0:27 Human reality is twofold

0:30 *Notification:Events of November 2015 13th in Paris hadn't happened yet

0:34 Either uplifts you to Heavens or shoves you at a breakneck speed to Tartarus

0:38 Considering the second option reality discourses into our conscious mind with a crushing logic

0:47 Nevertheless at the beggining of this article and for one more time a creative “aura” grasped my hand and led my heart and thought into an altered path

0:59 *Notification:This video was created a short time before the events in Paris along with the video with Positive Quotes-Angelic Reiki (Greek Narrative)

1:06 Similarly this "Creative Aura" guided me to start over this video

1:12 and transmit through this video all Love and Light beholded within me

1:19 but I should share this Light and Love with people living around the Globe

1:27 "This is not the path and the world of creative abundance you are constantly wondering of"

1:36 "Your path is soft as a feather and sharp as a thorn, but also entirely clean and shinny as an all blue glowing sky"

1:50 "Your own path is that of Light"

1:55 "You witness negativity of life, experience, describe it, and afterwards you denature it just … bypassing!"

2:08 "Like a great movie actress playing in the best film of her career, the greatest and most wonderful of all"

2:19 "The Word is a life’s transubstantiation"

2:25 "You perceive a fairytale alike a song and transform it with your own musical notes"

2:34 "You are the creator, the songwriter, and the watcher itself"

2:41 "This is the only way to beat the converted into pieces 'Broken Mirror' so eloquently described by Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale on the homonymous title that entered Men eyes and hearts"

2:57 The “Broken Mirror” hovered up, but its power itself broke it into thousands of small pieces, in a way that it was only shared in small doses incorporating in unknowledgeable of Love hearts

3:19 Initiated within Men eyes prevents objectivity and recognition of truth, and when installed within heart it frozes it eternally

3:36 The Creative Aura continued in a liberating way

3:42 "These grains (Broken Mirror pieces) will never guide your soul for soil is not fertile"

3:53 "Within a heart of pure essence of Love, crystal of discord and deception is considered an alien body"

4:05 Thank you very much!

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary Author-Poet-Healer



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