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How have you found your own light?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

As I have already mentioned on my Live YT Shows, Radio Broadcasting and articles, I was aware of my gifts and #charismas from early age.

Actually I have this sort of special memories from the 1st year of my childhood.

However I was a lover of #Knowledge and spent hours in reading and researching about the greatest mysteries upon #Gaia and Humanity as well.

Later at the age of 19 I started feeling that I was quite different from an average person;I had vivid dreams and almost prophetic ones.

I could foresee foretell people and situations happen in real time.

Later in 1998 I continued having various encounters with strange dreams, visitors, visions, synchronicities etc (It will take time to describe all this stuff here…) and on 2004 I started writing my first fantasy and adventure novel entitled ‘The Life Journey that carries Hopes” with chanelling.

Following books including poetry were an amalgalmation of visons, dreams and chanelling.

This applies to all my work including articles, poetry, newsletters, books, lectures etc.

I discover my Inner Light by searching within but truly made a interconnection by creating my own Academy of Inner Light, which purpose is to promote Knowledge, Love and Light as well as awareness, inspiration, motivation and Global Awakening.

This means that I have constantly to work with my own Inner Light, connect with the Divine Sparkle hidden within us, co-create, share and assist people to move up /shift their consciousness.

It’s a hard work in a strange and unfriendly way for spiritual goals and practices.

BUT still looking at the bright side of things and never give up.

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary Author-Poet-Healer

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