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Teardrops of Joy ©KaterinaKostaki

Image by attributed to Karl Schweninger (1854-1903) (Dorotheum) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Image by attributed to Karl Schweninger (1854-1903) (Dorotheum) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Note from Author

This was my February 2010 newsletter from the series "The Light of the Dawn".

The original title was Teardrops of Joy.

However it was written under the cost of losing and re-building a new Life.

That means a lot of inner scratching, bleeding Soul shape and lots of time spending on wondering what will be next for me.

Teardrops of Joy looks like an Epiphany.

I had to surrender to my Inner Light and build bridges within me.

Just watching a "brand new" Katerina, the Old Self had to compromise.

The Most Important Thing
is to change in order to evolve

A passage to Consciousness

The discovery of a Spiritual Gate, a great opening for Soul's Deliverance from tyranny ignorance and doubt could indisputably be cited as one of the most particular, but unexpected moments in human life.

A passage that shifts to an alternative level of Consciousness where henceforth dark and fear can no longer enter.

Fancy that after a long period of gloom you are approaching a sun drenched, colorful and lovable place.

White pigeons, birds of Eternal Hope are fluttering within it.

Love as sunlight is emerging through the open windows, enriching the room with the splendid Light of Dawn.

In the Land of Truth time never prevails.
Eternity prevails.
Fear never prevails.
Only Love prevails.

Deliverance by Knowledge

Everlasting Love reigns as a migratory bird through eternity's timelines.

Deliverance provided by knowledge under invisible, mysterious ways and means releases Soul from imperishable bonds and shedding Teardrops of Joy.

Soul burdened by beautiful gifts becomes our- in hardships- guide provided we are attuned and trust her.

Apparently when we truly choose to listen to "Soul's Song" our roads are wide opened.

Image by Augusto De Luca [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Image by Augusto De Luca [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Soul's Song

Soul's song is the most beautiful song in #Universe, but mostly nonexistent for a long part of our life, hidden in the cheers, noise and external ~ internal turmoil.

For someone who's willing to cleanse his Inner Self (Sacred Sanctuary), Soul speaking of love and truth might be heard however the activity of cleansing itself is not easily accomplished nor painless.

Leaders of Hope

Definitely along the path of life, we are the leaders, authors of our own new opportunities Crusaders of Hope, even though a lot of fellows are making efforts to persuade us for the opposite.

Most of us who tread the chosen path have reached a critical point, where Knowledge is accompanied by tranquility, and important findings.

Travelling through inner conflicts, struggles with "Inner" and "Outer Enemies", all sorts of temptations and expectations, a sacred point of revelation looks like #Eden.

Heaven Treasure

Honestly, you should take this statement in trust for that heaven treasure is beyond compare in the world!

Essentially you discover that Eden is but the inner balance and re-connection with your Inner Light.

Peace and #Reunion is a bridge to joy, and truly, Teardrops of Joy are the most beautiful tears.

Joy of Life is the most fascinating journey, emerging from our own soul.

We live and learn what the meaning of Life is, through Life Journey itself, even through every negative principle, which in the event might not be as erroneous and negative as we used to believe.

We comprehend human's beings needs with the help of depression, with the help of wrath we convert this negative energy into creativity and re- cherish life from grief.

After all Light shines in the darkness .

Life's loving way

Even a temporary non-life desire becomes the trigger for a greater desire for life itself and its small pleasures.

Every moment is a special opportunity for learning and experience.

Our whole experience derives from actual human existence's biomes, thus difficulties and barriers which are pure challenges to go on.

Let's look at Life in a loving way for this is a means to be aware of Life's loving whispering attuned to us, regenerating us with feelings of joy and happiness.

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary Author-Poet-Healer

January-February 2010


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