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Inner Power, our greatest friend © Katerina Kostaki

Ultimately there is a hidden reason for difficulties existing in our lives.

First of all, they make us stronger ss mentioned on my article What does not kill you makes you stronger, and secondary show you who your real friends are.

As usual (many of you have already experienced it) in our great moments, at our best moments, everybody stays by us, people send messages, call us, love us.

Just find a single difficulty, usually a crook, and no one knows you.

No one calls you, and in general you do not … exist.

That's why difficulties are forging our Inner Power, who is our true friend and supporter every moment.

As written in my book "Inner Voices Within-Messages from my Guardian Angel".... "Your power is your Soul."

This Power is your best friend when everyone else abandons you.

Of course you should not await having to face up difficulties in order to discover it.

Every moment is a unique opportunity to recognize your Force.

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary author-Poet-Healer



* "Inner Voices Within - Messages from My Angel Guardian" is available on,,,,,,and Barnesanoble and my various online Bookstores.

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