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What is the most amazing or shocking thing you know that most people don't?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

What if we live in a fake or false reality, a Dream within a Dream?

What if this #Reality is an upside down reality where #Truth is twisted and reversed?

And this type of reality is so well hidden that you have to learn to read the signs…

No one tells you or teaches you the truth but deeply inside you have this feeling that something's wrong.

If you are strong enough then you start looking for elements, for signs.

There are signs everywhere but there are also delusions.

Books that talk mysteries and people who are mysteries themselves.

I had a similar story to share…

We all have stories.

But the scariest truths and secrets can't be shared with other people.

You have to go either ways yourself and it's a lonely path.

Good luck!

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary and Spiritual Author-Poet-Healer


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