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Ten Tips of a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Definition of a Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle , a real Healthy Lifestyle means that you feel good in every aspect in your Life.

Having to face up obscure situations in everyday life, doubts, tiredness, boredom and stress, someone has to develop an effective plan on

"How to nurture himself in a physical, mental and spiritual way".

The following ten tips belong to one of my hundreds articles I've been writing over the years.

Guess what…

1. Embrace change in your daily lifestyle

Someone might hear or read a lot of truths about Healthy Lifestyle, Emotional Well Being and Self improvement, but immense truth about Healthy Lifestyle resides in #Practice.

Change comes when you truly believe in this #change and its practice in your life for change comes within us.

This is the master key of all deeds needed to actualize in order to succeed in your Healthy Lifestyle.


2. Meet with Happiness and Acceptation

No one can tell you how happy you might be, or how much loved and accepted you will become by fellows in this reality.

You should first admire who you are, love yourself and express your gratitude for being a loving creature protected by Universe, whatever your status (social, emotional, financial etc), appearance, education you are in.

By loving yourself, you love the attitude to alter and fulfil your life, affiliating behaviours that worth time and sentiments.

3. Become motivated

Obviously the majority of people desire to improve their daily lifestyle, but how can they fit this goal into a crazy, unorganized world, prone to pleasant, however non-beneficial addictions?

Before we start your strategy to enrich this out of order-daily lifestyle you should contemplate what your desirable goal to reach is.

Focus on this goal and be patient.

You can also create a list of suggestions regarding the adorable state you desire to approach and keep in touch with this list.

Every time you are about to regress to old state, read carefully this list and adopt its suggestions.

4. Quit old habits

Having a short research in everyday lifestyle, we might be rather surprised on how indifferent or careless people have been by forcing themselves adopting behaviours that are less and less bodily and emotional nutritive.

You can start this attempt by writing your ideas, hopes and targets in a journal.

Everyday write something inspirational something you expect to fulfill that might influence in a positive way your attempt for transformation.

Enjoy the Sun Light!

5. Introduce your self with Exercise

If exercise is an unfamiliar word in your vocabulary, there is some definition in this misunderstood word.

Exercise is activity.

You are not compelled to do heavy sports.

A walk, a stroll in a forest.

Escape from big cities activity; join a nature path with more healing results.

6. Diminish stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety block harmony and equilibrium in your life and thus should be avoided.

You can sort out both of them when you empower your life with more positive actions, friends, music and Knowledge or Art Activities.

7. Stop smoking or other destructive addictions

Healthy lifestyle ignores every action that poisons body and mind, including smoking, excessive alcohol, less sleep and destructive attitudes.

8. Start a healthy diet

Healthy diet manifests a different perception of #nutrition and #wellness by eating more fruit and vegetables, regulating your hormones, and avoiding fat and diseases.

A nutritive #diet helps to regain strength, good physical appearance and Self Confidence.

9. Lose weight

It's a necessity to stabilize your weight up to a normal level in order to avoid heart diseases.

Losing weight does not constitute a miracle, but hard work and especially a state of mind, where someone really admires himself and visualizes a good looking appearance.

10. Use Alternative therapies

Different forms of complementary medicine prevent illness, pains, overweight, depression, retain body and mind disorders that cause emotional and bodily troubles and support natural cure of both body and mind.

Do you face up any difficulty when copying with the suggested tips?

  • I find it rather difficult to quit smoking

  • Beginning a new diet is the hardest thing to copy with

  • Quit old habits is an unattainable goal

  • Where to begin with these tips?

  • The hardest thing is to make a new beggining

  • I need advice on Alternative Therapies

  • Time is not enough to spend it on excersise

  • Depression disconnect me from any kind of activity and choice


© 2012 Katerina Kostaki


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