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Where can I talk about spiritual awakening if no one around me believes in it?

Well…Welcome to the real world…my friend! That’s a common thing for all enthousiasts, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Warriors of Light, motivational Speakers, whoever is working on the “Global Awakening” side. I am also walking in sunshine but there is always a shadow behind us.

And people so often are looking at the Shadow;not the Sunshine.

It’s a choice and we have to respect it.

In the beggining it was very…painful. Discouraging.

And mostly scary to see people living in their shadows, darkness…whatever. Now I don’t really care about those choices. Since it is our personal choice to move on and it’s a relief to see that what matters is how we change within. If we are content with ourselves and life that great! It’s a Leap of Faith that carries us away from dust and darkness. So don’t worry. Those who are meant to awaken will awaken. Those souls who are ready to evolve they will definately evolve. It’s all about their Choices in life.

And Choices are Timelines.



Katerina Kostaki is a Visionary and Spiritual Author, Poet and Healer. 



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