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Which of the big three Greek Philosophers have had the most impact on life as it is today?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Very interesting and thoughtful question.

This question of the most influencing- upon this life - Greek philosophers impells me to make a deeper investigation in my Greek inheritance and look beyond the veil of this reality.

Socrates, Plato and Pythagoras (and many more) have shred their Light to this dark world.

They are enlightened leaders in a dark path.

We know very little on #Socrates life and teachings, but I deeply believe that beyond conspirancy theories and rumors, there are hidden scriptures of him somewhere in a store.

However Socrates made a sacrifice with his choice to remain inprisoned and not escape.

The Platonic Cave is a #Paradigm, a Pre-cognition or even a truth seeking glance over the hidden reality;

A myth is a Truth conveyed from mouth to mouth to become alive.

Whatever we are being told are mere false and disinformation when it comes to his resolutions.

We live in a Cave with Shadows and he was one of the awakened to come back and reveal us the Ultimate Truth.

#Pythagoras was more than a Philosopher;he was a mystic.

And we all are simply Truth Seekers, and followers of their - devotion to Love and Light - #Legacy.

Katerina Kostaki is a visionary Author, Poet, Healer and Mentor.

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