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If you were forced to watch the same movie for the rest of your life, which movie would you choose?

I know that I could choose among thousands wonderful movies of each gender but I personally prefer to post one single, fabulous movie that inspires me mostly: Nosso Lar -Astral City.

When I first watched the movie Nosso Lar or Astral City 4 years ago it was played only on Portoguesse and English language.

"Nosso Lar" in Portoguesse means "Our Home", and it's the best seller of author Francisco Candido Xavier.

On this specific book and movie the hero Andre Luiz, a conventional doctor suddenly passes away to Hell, where he realizes the dark and terrible being of humans who experience the Hell reality because of their deeds.

He is saved from there by luminous Spirits who transfer him onto another reality, whereas he also experienced a sort of healing, which he defies in the beginning,but obviously accepts later on.

By the support of a luminous Spirit, Clarencio, he visits a modern colony, the Astral City, where he learns about #Reicarnation and #Afterlife.

The movie contains incredible scenes of etheric landscapes, modern technologies, but also humbled moments like the meeting of the hero with his dead mother, who abides higher level of vibrations.

The healers, Angelic Spirits, help humans who die on war.

The hero after his training shows a desire to see his family without being seen by them as well, and becomes astonished by learning about his family and the Power of Love and #Forgiveness.

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary author-Poet-Healer


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