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Psyche, The Human Sea

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Notification from author: The following article is the outcome of author's lucid dreaming . It was my innermost desire to unveil dream's essense, extract all forms and particles from out of body experiences and guide people safely through their spiritual journeys while they sleep.

A Dream that's transformed into a Tale.Fantasy incorporates with Memories to create new stuff for Awakening. 

Written and translated from Greek language to English by visionary author Katerina Kostaki.

I was hovering at the bottom of a vast ocean abyss. My human essence was buried within darkness and uncertainty, submerged in a dark and impersonal void. Slowly I began to emerge from the dark abyss, and soon floated to the point where the first ray of light spread most promising in abysmal surroundings. I was the Psyche, in the middle of my aquatic transformative voyage, still rising forced by an enormous impetus to my heroic exit up to the surface of a warm sea lap that seemed as the soul path to Heaven, Earth of Eternity, the Promised Land. Although my ascension to the surface was revealed by a beautiful entrance to the beach, as soon as I entered the nearest house of my dream, adjustment to reality proved to be very painful. An overwelming wave of wrath captured the magical sense of relief and the benevolent spirits and guides awaiting for my arrival in the cottage on the edge of the seashore were interpreted as intrusive ones.

Hovering in the Ocean Abyss-Academy of Inner Light
Hovering in the Ocean Abyss

As the Universal Plan is unfolding, a new timing has defined me the way to the sacred revelations hidden with the mystical imagery and rebus looking staging of the dreamy movie.

Apparently it takes time for an under constant cosmic teaching and learning human spirit to comprehend the full meaning of such a exraordinary mystical treasure.

However, this full of symbolism and insights dream expresses in an alchemical mode the dreamy ocean of symbols and spiritual forces (life forces) who mystically swim along with me.

The soul of Man has always been linked to the Infinite Sea; the vast ocean emotions of Planet Earth, that is our Mother Earth's heart-arms, enveloping the human body.

Miraculously, the biggest part of the human body is consisted by water.

Truly, we humans are so alike to our impregnate Mother Earth from which and where all come and to which they end in.

Within our inner introspection moments we feel like an ocean; the ocean that premeates our emotional body.

The ascension from abyss to te blue surface is generaly performed within the huge emotional sea, the sea of metal (Molten Sea, the sea of metals).

Ascension could merely be compromized as a soul path to a Higher stage of emotion and state of mind.

The Alchemists allege this soul ascension path as Spiritual Embryo, where the transformation of the soul takes place whereas a new spiritual man is re-born, empowered by special psychic abilities.

The interpretation shaped in my mind as far as the wave of wrath is concerned could be that my contitioned self faced up divinity and divine presence as an intervention in an area dominated only by my egocentric self.

Dolphins and Nereides in Ancient Greece
Dolphins and Nereides in Ancient Greece

An invisible impact between the inner world and reality created a wave of wrath, when in a ego observation light forces surrounding me were perceived as allusively non- benevolent and interventional and malicious.

The soul for being kept calm on the peaceful surface of sea of eternity should be peeled from planning and painful shackling to the stereotypical image attached by fake reality.

Learning to live by heart, heartfelt thinking ( not by mind) concludes that wrath or even anger was only but a natural reaction in the "house of emotions" and the alchemical approach to "Metanoia".

Now I understand that only through the process of soul transformation, thus "Metanoia" luminous emotions emerge to play the most important role.

How quiet is therefore the emotional sea and how clear is the bottom of it has to do with how ready we are to sort out our inner space from what negative element is floating or submerging within.

All the emotional conflict and the waves generated in the sea of emotions soon cease and the sea addresses us to repentance or Metanoia, our therapy.

Forgiving ourselves and acknowledging our mistakes we learn and evolve in our soul transformation.

Connecting our hearts to the Sea and co-creating to Mother Earth, we find out that our emotions are not confined within ourselves , but connect to our Mother planet.

The contamination of the soul is corellated to the contamination of sources of Gaia, and vice verse.

If we on a collective consciousness process initiate this purification in our inner ocean, this activity will by extension heal our planet.

The evolution of humans and the planet lies within our hands.

Moving from being hypnotized, ordinary devotees of a continuing intellectual and natural contamination we become the self healed, the assistance of purification.

The contamination of the Gulf of Mexico (2012-date of publication of this article) is the crucial place where people ought to start their journey from the dark abyss to the light wave on a enlightened seashore.

This is where the voice of the heart is becoming the leader for the peeling off any denial and anger.


Author Katerina Kostaki


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