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How Love and Compassion works in our Life

Spirit of Compassion by Bilby (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Spirit of Compassion by Bilby (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

*Image "Spirit of Compassion" by Bilby (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Light at the edge of the tunnel

Undergoing the well known "Dark night of the Souls", I've been writing my thoughts on a single paper.

Like someone who's been looking for a dwell of Illumination in a long distant tunnel.

In the vast depth of this tunnel there's a #Light and someone is calling you.

No it's not a real tunnel. Yes it's a dream of mine seen many years ago.

One of the thousands dreams that hopefully came true.

It was a dream-herald before my Spiritual Awakening taking place on 2004 (or earlier…who knows?).

I included this dream in my Greek fantasy and adventure novel and very first published book (The Life Journey that carries Hopes) without knowing if there will be Light at the edge of the mind-tunnel.

Have you ever experienced the so-called "The dark night of the Soul"?

If you read the "Remember you are not alone" Article, the following two first sentences were already posted in this Article.

Very often in our lives, we have felt isolated and separate from the world, the following two first sentences were already posted in this lens.

At these moments, we experience ourselves totally abandoned by everyone and everything.

The face of Sadness

Ahead lies only silence, and sadness makes a profound presence like a storm invading the horizon spreading its gloomy wings and covering our «Sky», our Spiritual Horizon.

These moments are a dominant life pattern for most of us, whilst a few light rays visit us rarely and last for such a short time!

We have experienced the feeling of isolation, we have encountered it within our dreams and in our course along this reality.

On our personal conflicts, the loud and monotonous dialogue of the Mind, the inner and outer criticism, in our futile quests and negative emotions accumulation, in our individual and professional goals that are becoming our personal prison, little by little.

This Dominant Division, separation, disconnection has shut off our spiritual links, the channels with something so sacred and familiar as well.

Portal to Light

However in the midst of the Chaos and Darkness there is a single instant when we feel that there is just one step before we reach the bottom point, within the deepest point somewhere in the undetermined entire area called «Self», something shines like solid gold.

It is the portal of #Truth that comes from our #Creator, who has never abandoned us in the unbearable darkness that smashes our soul.

A passage to another «Portal», where unique moments appear where you feel that you are enveloped in light and there is absolutely nothing, but nothing that can seize nor impede you.

It's the connection with God that resides within us

Free will and G-d Will

The distance from our Primary Creator is essentially negligible, because Creator resides within us.

We are the only ones who abstain when we allow our thoughts diverse us for simply as long as our thoughts are thoughts of hatred, aggression, anger, control the distance grows.

A world of illusions in which Love is banned, where we are feeling «Lost in Space», is a world totally self - created by our own obscure thoughts.

Think that there are still options.

Even better: these options are chosen by us!

We are about to take the leap through love and compassion.

Free will guide us out of the 3D Universe Self - creation and leads us directly to God's arms, in Universal Love's embrace.

Love vs Chaos

It's true!

God has never gone away from you, because you are His Holy creation, and how it could ever be so, since you are His beloved child?

You are the only one who can choose to open a «Gateway» to Light, the Divine Light, using Love as the master key.

Where Love appears chaos and grief is dismissed.

Pour Love on chaos and it will be dissolved!

Love is manifested where Inner Light dominates, the Divine Spark, where our Inner Self shines.

Returning to Divine Love's embrace is the most exciting return to our Source, to our Creator, where only love and compassion exist.

Love is the only truth and everything else is an illusion.




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