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Spirit against Technocracy

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Note from Author: This is a Newsletter of the series "The Light of Dawn" written and published on 09-11-2011

Love and Fear : "Reality Concepts"

It has been many years since my blog post entry entitled "Reality or Science Fiction" being published. (Note: This blog post was uploaded in the Greek language). Those who have already gotten a full review of this blog entry might have already noticed the persistence of mine on the concepts of "Love" and "Fear", and their contrast amidst. Those specific concepts of Higher Vibrations both have been dominating the chessboard of our (FAKE) Reality throughout the centuries. A year after my reference to the "Fear: concept as a means of control over the human minds" this reference has become extremely important as far as mutual events are on a frantic course.

Human Consciousness  transforms along with Time.

But Fear still is initiated by various means, manifested or not (casually…).

While Cosmic Energy Waves embrace the whole planet and re-change the structure of the human body and mind, Global Awakening is manifested upon Earth.

Global Awakening and the Ascension of Gaia are inevitable, because they simply are a Divine Plan.

Reality vs Cosmic Cosciousness : Controversy

Certainly the events accelerate at high speed. Just yesterday (09-11-2011) while writing the draft of this article, I read a foreign journalist's statement on the internet declared on a political - economic - social - analysis on concepts that I had already written choosing different words and looking from an altered point of view (the Spiritual Analysis of events). This declaration indicates that nowadays more and more people resonate with Higher Cosmic Energies implanted in the Collective Unconscious and attune to a chain of #Light and #Awakening. Watching the political and economic analysis on TV (yes, I did this improprietally, I have to confess!), and reading tons of these statements, I experienced an explicable, bitter taste. I sense this bitterness as a strong emotion you might have already experienced by your heart. As usual, these analysis (political-economic-social) makes only a few shallow excavations in a surface level, whic, come and get to the first layer of the core of the #Truth.

Spirit and Technocracy

Essentially, they never approach at the deep core of Truth. In any case, it does not mean that the core of Truth is non- existenced.

Spirit is the element that is missing.

All statements, analysis, reports are alike the colorful balloons, which revolve around a central axis, i.e matter, materialism and their deplorable incident, the Reality (false). When blown out, there is nothing left, but only a bitter taste. This bitter taste is depicted upon your hearts. Those who are in transition from deep hypnosis to Awakening (A long and severe Path), might feel that something is amiss. Sincerely, they are missing something. Usually people are afraid to look ahead and chew the carrot given to them, but now even with this carrot, a taste of bitterness remains in the mouth. So the carrot is named Technocracy, and it's initiated by the forces themeselves that created the Technocracy.

Obviously they did initiate Technocracy as a means to confront mankind's benefit, driven by selfish intentions and no humanitarian motivation. For these forces, Technocracy is an instrument for control, whether the world realizes it or not. The truth is only one and unique. Technocracy without Spirit can not exist. Even more, Technocracy without comprehension and spiritual perception is like a huge Cyclop without eyes. And unfortunately in the recent years our world is dominated by cold and heartless technocrats blind to human suffering (not empathy invovled). How could it be either for a technocratic group of entities that act like engines (or clearly softwares) to show full understanding to a world that ultimately lremains in a constant trance?

Reality and Science Fiction

Indeed,we live in a special era, where Reality is no different from Science Fiction. Sometimes in the past decades, many people heard the call and through the recognition of Higher Self, an arduous task was entrusted to them, to awaken the world. Along the way more people began to wake up and recognize, certainly not the pure truth, but at least the need of searching this truth. Searching the Truth is the most beautiful journey within the mechanical-material Reality. Yes, I know it sounds like science fiction short story, but it's true! These people now count of millions plain people, the people of our neighborhood… People who walk beside you, speak to you, and often go unnoticed (by you!). Sometimes people mock them or speak to them ironically.

Today this trend has come to a decrease, because more and more people are waking up and searching for hidden wisdom that for many - many years was merely " conspiracy theories". "How could you possibly know all this stuff?" "How much you earn on everything you do? What is your gain?" "What are you talking about? You have gone mad!" "What does the poet tell us now?" We know enough, but not available to everyone, only for those who are really good listeners. I could talk for hours, something I 've been doing for years, but as usual some people walk away without paying attention to the depth of my words. After some time, they come back… "How could you possibly know all this stuff?" I knew. How many heard me? But the Awakening is an irreversible procedure, because it derives from sources that can not be controlled or identified, nor be interpreted by an average person.

So, is there any Hope?

You might ask me… if there is any hope! Eight years ago I wrote a book with a clear title on Hope or…many hopes.

I truly believe that Hope revives only in those hearts, who have kept constant clear values never sell or abolish these values and their soul for a "plate of lentils", i.e fame and fortune. There is hope for those who may be wounded, tortured, persecuted, because they did not succumb to the vicious system and have not gained great benefits. Of course Hope could affiliate altered names. Hope could be uttered as repentance, forgiveness, compassion… And this means…Heart. Great mental strength isneeded for someone to apologize for the atrocities committed against his/her fellow men. The coin by which he was compensated to commit those atrocities was very powerful, because it enslaved his soul to such an extent as he no longer has a soul anymore to express forgiveness. For those who, even at the last moment, repent and acknowledge their mistakes, there's always Hope. As our path to the New Reality will be determined only by our intentions and choices many alter events will be occuring. Events that have never appeared up to date.

Those events will become apparent over time, through the paths of Time, and represent a unique Era for mankind. Our course will take place in secret and unrepeatable passages, if we acquire the ability to perceive life as a simple game.

We glance at Light and not the darkness beneath our feet. How easy could it be for us to glance at Light when accustomed to watch the darkness? This is a Life Lesson for us, to re-discover the Light within us, while others outside are dealing with darkness.

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary Author Poet Healer




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