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What has been your biggest career mistake?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

There is no such a thing called a career mistake.

Everything has to do with choices we make in life.

Every choice is a different Parallel Universe. 

For example one of your choices is to not sign in Quora (like I did a long time ago) and lose a big chance to read, learn and have so many views on your postings!

By the way Quora is a G-gift...

Well, many opportunities arise in front of our eyes but only a few of them are effective and fruitful.

We get a prominent job with high income but we lose our special moments with family and friends.

Or we choose to raise a family but we fail to meet with new people and rely on our own abilities and income.

What matters is to take the leap of faith into the Unknown and never look back.

Move on through the open doors and never look back at the closed ones.

© Katerina Kostaki

Katerina Kostaki is a visionary author, poet, healer and mentor.

Watch her inspirtational and motivational videos on her Youtube Channel.


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