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Chronos (Time) and Divine Justice

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


Note from Author

Nemesis or Divine Justice, the Spirit of Divine Punishment, for those who succumbed to Hybris, the arrogance towards Gods, has always preoccupied the Greeks since ancient times.
For quite some time now I have written a text on Divine Justice and Chronos (Time) thus in 2009, which I have already taken under consideration of posting on my Blog or on my Facebook page, which I eventually DID on 27-05-2015, as many open personal issues had arosen.
From that day when I posted it on my ENDLESS LIFE JOURNEY blog (read the article here too in the prototype Greek language ) the Divine Justice itself ran faster than me…

I would say that lately SHE has been working…overtime!

Below is my text


Time has changed now…

And when we talk about Change we mean the psychological Change that has now taken place in the way we perceive time.

Seemingly, our lives go by in seconds, minutes and hours, but Time is nothing more than a psychological trick, created for people living upon Earth.

Time imprisons, enslaves, charges us, but strangely as it may seem, it also protects us from confusion and madness.

Imagine life on this Planet if there was no Time…

Our consciousness would acrobat in a turbulent and chaotic state, in which only the schizophrenic flow of events would prevail.

A Universal Flood of Eternity would overwhelm Earth and Men would be drawn into its maelstrom, a maelstrom of Eternal Oblivion in the immensity of the Universe.

Time on Earth gives us the possibility to learn, evolve, experience only as humans could do, because only in this way do people learn, through their Incarnations.

How many People comprehend this case, and how many realize that our passage through Life is a Journey of Knowledge?

How many take advance of Time in order to create and give, spiritually evolve and climb the ladder of Ascension so that next stage will be closer to Light?

How many experience each day as an unique day, a day that will not be tarnished by vanity and mockery?

Honestly the reality we live in nowdays is quite surreal.

Our problem is no longer Time itself and its perception, but Knowledge in general.

Exclusively the kind of Knowledge that Time is a psychological event during which people move or being consumed within actions that may not have significant value is what deprives people of the ability to change.

People's choices are Infinite, our time is exactly what we acquire, but most of us waste it on spectacles and not on meaningful Knowledge.

In short, instead of deepening there is simply superficial dusting.

Our Time is dwindling drastically day by day, and we are actually moving towards the complete abolition of Time.

People unknowingly continue to waste this specific amount of Time on activities that do not improve the quality of life and do not help People evolve.

But since everything is a choice as I mentioned above, and since I still believe that even at the last minute People can change, I find it quite interesting to highlight a few topics.

Those who today are shaken by the tragic situations that prevail are mostly People who in the Past, as well as in the Present, remain indifferent to important statements, while showing interest in those which, although overrated, have nothing to offer, except to enslave the minds of these persons.

They are those who have never looked for the gold hidden in the mud of our Era, they are those who follow the Old Doctrines, Old Patterns as well as Old Minded People and disapprove anything new.

They are the same ones who mock those who believe in the Truth of Life, Knowledge, Search in the Inner Flame that guides those who remain righteous and humble.

They are those who, while showing them the way of Truth, look at the finger, who mock creators for their "transcendent" Creativity, because they cannot identify what they essentially lack:

the Essence of this Creativity comes from a true belief in value of things, in the Higher Power, in ideals and values.

All of them are so attached to their own success, their own dominance, matter, because they are essentially tied to the Chariot of their hungry, hypertrophied Ego.

As long as the complex for Success and Happiness of creative People prevails in their hearts, because a creative person who believes in his worth does not need public relations, Inner Circles, politics and other groups to arise.

She/He need not wet his robes and soul in corruption to ascend.

She/He ascends in the Chariot of Faith, and men who believe in the Infinite Creator do not fear and need no such props.

There are Powers that protect them so well as non political crutch could ever does.

For those who continue to wallow in envy, corruption and mockery, Time is counting down.

Our Era makes it very clear who will advance and who will climb the difficult steps into the Unknown, who will evolve and who will not.

Because Time is an infallible Judge, as is the Divine Justice that always comes, anyway, for those who hide or are protected by the "System".

The Divine Justice, indeed "Divine", is above everything and everyone, and it is the only one that justly judges the Souls of People, wherever they are.

© Katerina Kostaki

Visionary Author-Poet-Healer


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